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Oak Grove Cemetery Photos, Orland, Maine

The Oak Grove Cemetery, in Orland, Maine, is located near Route 1 and Narramisic Drive. Most of the children of Sophronia (Leach) and Gilbert L. Snowman are buried here, along with many other descendants of William Snowman, Jr. of Penobscot. Oak Grove Cemetery

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Ashur B. Hutchins/Clara M. Snowman Lot
Latitude / Longitude: 44, 34.5896N / 68, 44.7678W
Clara M.(Snowman) &
Ashur B. Hutchins grave
Wilbury Hutchins
Lena (Czerwinski)
Hutchins headstone
Rose (Hutchins)
Moore headstone
Russell S. Moore
Robert M. Moore

Fred G. Snowman Lot
Latitude / Longitude: 44, 34.5823N / 68, 44.765W
Ella F. (Hutchins) &
Fred G. Snowman grave
Fred G. Snowman
Ella F. (Hutchins)
Snowman headstone

Capt. Willie L. Snowman Lot
Latitude / Longitude: 44, 34.5612N / 68, 44.7658W
Willie L. Snowman grave Willie L. Snowman
Ethel M. (Gray)
Snowman inscription

Eben L. Snowman Lot
Latitude / Longitude: 44, 34.5894N / 68, 44.7678W
Eben L. Snowman grave Leila B. (Gray)
Snowman grave
Lewis R. Snowman grave

Lewis A. Snowman Lot
Latitude / Longitude: 44, 34.5529N / 68, 44.7723W
Edith C. (Tainter) & Lewis A. Snowman grave

Burleigh M. Snowman Lot
Latitude / Longitude: 44, 34.5448N / 68, 44.7334W
Burleigh M. Snowman grave Burleigh M. Snowman
Josephine E. (Coombs)
Snowman headstone
Reginald W. Snowman
Barbara P. (Ginn)
Snowman headstone

Fred M. Snowman Lot
Latitude / Longitude: 44, 34.5779N / 68, 44.7788W
Fred M. Snowman grave Fred M. Snowman
Lena Saunders Snowman

Albea F. Snowman Lot
Latitude / Longitude: 44, 34.5746N / 68, 44.7668W
Albea F. Snowman grave Albea F. and Opal (Roi)
Snowman headstone

Doug Snowman Lot
Latitude / Longitude: 44, 34.5407N / 68, 44.7351W
Doug Snowman grave Doug Snowman
inscription closeup
Charlotte Snowman
inscription closeup

Neil Churchill/Clara M. Snowman Lot
H. Neil Churchill grave Clara M.(Snowman) Churchill grave

Gilbert R. Snowman Lot
Latitude / Longitude: 44, 34.5627N / 68, 44.7659W
F. Gertrude (Leach) &  Gilbert R. Snowman grave

Don Wardwell/Dot Snowman Lot
Latitude / Longitude: 44, 34.5918N / 68, 44.7691W
Don Wardwell grave ca. 2000 Don Wardwell grave ca. 2016
Don Wardwell closeup ca. 2016 Dot Snowman closeup ca. 2016

Ethel J. (Haslam) Snowman Lot
Latitude / Longitude: 44, 34.6009N / 68, 44.7725W
Ethel J. (Haslam) Snowman grave

Kathleen Harriman Snowman Grave
Latitude / Longitude: 44, 34.5921N / 68, 44.7819W
Kathleen Harriman Snowman grave

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