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Bay Cemetery-Town Cemetery Photos, Penobscot, Maine

The "Bay Cemetery-Town Cemetery", in Penobscot, Maine, is located on Route 199, near the village. This is the final resting place of William Snowman Jr., the oldest Snowman ancestor whose gravesite could be found in Penobscot. William Snowman's father, also named William, is reportedly buried in the "Snowman Cemetery" on Wardwell Point Road, the location of which couldn't be found, in the summer of 2000. Bay Cemetery-Town Cemetery

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Montage, inscriptions on
William Snowman gravestone
Inscription, Mary (Atkins) &
William Snowman, Jr.
Inscription, Abigail (Leach) &
John Burnham Snowman
Inscription, James S. Snowman Inscription, Annie G. Snowman Jeanette S. &
Robert E. Snowman grave
Phebe M. (Bridges), Leander A. Snowman grave,
with children Florence L., Rowena F., and Luella V. Snowman

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