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Bucksport, Maineshim Phineas Ames, or more properly, "Phinehas Eames", as it was spelled in that era, was one of the founding fathers of Bucksport, Maine. Phineas came from Haverill, Mass. with Jonathan Buck, and was living in "Plantation 1", as it was known in 1775. In the midst of the Revolutionary War, the British blockaded the Penobscot River, shutting off the settlers from food and supplies. Massachusetts sent a fleet of 19 armed ships, twenty transports, and a force of over 1000 men to dislodge the British from Fort George in nearby Castine. The 21-day battle that followed in the summer of 1779 was one of the greatest fiascos in US military history. Until Pearl Harbor, it was the largest naval defeat. A small British force defeated the American force, that vastly outnumbered it. The patriots of Plantation 1 took to the woods to escape, with whatever possessions they could carry, and walked over 200 miles back to Haverhill. The British came ashore and pillaged and burnt the properties of the departed patriots.
shim After a treaty was signed with the British in 1783, most of the former townspeople returned from Haverhill and rebuilt the town. In 1789, the townsfolk petitioned the Court to incorporate Plantation 1 as the town of Buckstown, honoring Colonel Jonathan Buck. On 6 September 1792, the first town meeting was held, and Phineas Ames was elected Moderator, and was elected one of two "Surveyor of Highways".
shim Phineas' earliest known Eames ancestor, and immigrant to America, was Robert Eames, his great grandfather, who came from Boxford England to marry Rebecca Blake and settle in Boxford, Mass. Rebecca Blake Eames later gained some notoriety as a convicted witch at the Salem witch trials, but was eventually pardoned. Descendants from Robert Eames and Rebecca Blake to Phineas Ames are:
  1. Robert1 Eames was born about 1639 in Bristol or Boxford, England, and Died July 22, 1693 in West Boxford, Mass. He married Rebecca Blake in 1661 in Andover, Mass.

  2. Children of Robert Eames and Rebecca Blake are: 
    • i. Hannah 2 Eames, b. December 18, 1661, Boxford (or Andover), Mass.; d. July 08, 1731, Andover, Mass. 
    • ii. Daniel Eames, b. April 07, 1663, Boxford (or Andover), Mass.; d. after 1695. 
    • iii. Robert Eames, b. February 28, 1667/68, Boxford (or Andover), Mass.; d. Aft. 1698. 
    • iv. John Eames, b. October 11, 1670, Boxford (or Andover), Mass.; d. July 24, 1726, Groton, Mass. 
    • v. Dorothy Eames, b. December 20, 1674, Boxford (or Andover), Mass.; d. Unknown; m. Samuel Swan, March 08, 1693/94, Haverill, Mass. 
    • vi. Jacob Eames, b. July 20, 1677, Boxford (or Andover), Mass.; d. Aft. 1700; m. Mary Vaughn, June 04, 1700, Boston, Mass. 
    • vii. Joseph Eames, b. October 09, 1681, Boxford (or Andover), Mass.; d. December 27, 1753, Boxford, Mass. 
    1. viii. Nathaniel Eames, b. November 19, 1685, Boxford (or Andover), Mass.; d. January 11, 1765, Boxford, Mass. 
  3. Nathaniel2 Eames (Robert1) was born November 19, 1685 in Boxford (or Andover), Mass., and died January 11, 1765 in Boxford, Mass. He married Mary Spoffard Kimball about 1706, daughter of Richard Kimball and Sarah Spofford.

  4. Children of Nathaniel Eames and Mary Kimball are: 
    1. i. Jeremiah3 Eames, b. 1707, Boxford, Mass.; d. July 05, 1744, Boxford, Mass. 
    • ii. Mehitable Eames, b. Abt. 1713; d. Unknown; m. Joseph Robinson, July 25, 1733, Boxford, Mass. 
  5. Jeremiah3 Eames (Nathaniel2, Robert1) was born 1707 in Boxford, Mass., and died July 05, 1744 in Boxford, Mass. He married Sarah Kimball April 02, 1734.

  6. Children of Jeremiah Eames and Sarah Kimball are: 
    • i. Jeremiah4 Eames, b. May 06, 1735, Boxford, Mass.; d. April 22, 1817. 
    • ii. Thomas Eames, b. November 22, 1736, Boxford, Mass.; d. Unknown. 
    • iii. Nathan Eames, b. September 16, 1738, Boxford, Mass.; d. Aft. 1782. 
    1. iv. Phinehas Eames, b. May 21, 1740, Boxford, Mass.; d. April 20, 1820, Bucksport, Maine. 
    • v. Sarah Eames, b. January 30, 1741/42, Boxford, Mass.; d. October 03, 1767. 
    • vi. Betty Eames, b. February 10, 1743/44, Boxford, Mass.; d. Unknown. 
  7. Phinehas4 Eames (Jeremiah3, Nathaniel2, Robert1) was born May 21, 1740 in Boxford, Mass., and died April 20, 1820 in Bucksport, Maine. He married (1) Mary Cotton, November 06, 1761 in Portsmouth, New Hampshire, daughter of John Cotton and Mary Toogood. He married (2) Hannah Bickford, June 15, 1788 in Orrington, Maine, daughter of Jeremiah Bickford and Abigail Holbrooks.

  8. Children of Phinehas Ames and Mary Cotton are: 
    • i. John5 Eames, b. December 13, 1762, Haverill, Mass.; d. September 04, 1800, Bucksport, Maine; m. Mary ________, Unknown. 
    • ii. Mary Eames, b. February 17, 1765, Haverill, Mass.; d. Unknown; m. Abel Curtis, November 28, 1785. 
    • iii. Sarah Eames, b. September 18, 1766, Haverill, Mass.; d. July 9, 1844; m. Daniel Partridge, April 13, 1794, Orland, Maine. 
    • iv. Martha Eames, b. November 28, 1768, Haverill, Mass.; d. November 08, 1849, Bucksport, Maine; m. Ephraim Emerson, July 09, 1799, Bucksport, Maine. 
    • v. Hannah Ames, b. July 17, 1771; d. November 06, 1846, Bucksport, Maine; m. (1) Seth Higgins, December 01, 1790, Bucksport, Maine; m. (2) Jeremiah Higgins, May 27, 1802, Bucksport, Maine. 
    • vi. Phineas Eames, Jr., b. September 24, 1773, Orrington, Maine; d. 1850; m. (1) Mary Rogers, November 26, 1795, Orrington, Maine; m. (2) Margaret Hoxie, Abt. May 12, 1823, Bucksport, Maine. 
    • vii. Abigail Eames, b. September 08, 1777; d. June 03, 1822.
See the Misc. 'n' Links page for complete genealogy descendant reports for Robert Eames and Phinehas Eames.

Bucksport history is from 200 Years and Counting, the Story of Bucksport 1792 - 1992 from the Bucksport Bicentennial Committee.

shimThanks to the many people who have graciously shared information, suggestions and critiques for many years: Beryle Snowman Ames, Cathy Atwood Ames, Doug Ames, James E. Ames, John Ames, Lois Conner Ames, Kip and Carol Ames, Steven P. Ames, Susan E. Ames, Judy Van Schuyver Auer, Sandy Cadwallader, Erin Chowning, Virginia Soper Davis, Jerry Eby, Paul Emerson, Russell Farnham, Fred Fellows, Paul Fulsher, Cindy Gray Hinton, Elizabeth Jones, Sherry Ames Jones, Alan Lundstedt, Pat McElroy, Julie Moes, Stafford-Ames Morse, Michael Boyer O'Leary, Orson Rathburn, Richard Morey Sherman, Regina Snowman Smith, David Swett, and the friendly, helpful librarians and town clerks of Bucksport, Orland, and Orrington, Maine. 

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