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  • May 30, 2009: June 1862 pages completed
  • May 24, 2009: June 1862 pages added
  • May 17, 2009: June 1862 pages started
  • May 10, 2009: 2nd half, May 1862 pages added
  • May 3, 2009: 1st half, May 1862 pages added

This website is for the purpose of sharing photographs of the pages in this "Fort Knox Roll Book" for historians, genealogists, etc., interested in the history of Fort Knox in Prospect, Maine. This roll book covers the three year period from July 1, 1859 through June 30, 1862.

The roll book photographs are large, 5 - 6 megapixels each, to maintain the highest resolution possible, and may not be viewable in your browser window without scrolling.

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